Design elevates our entire experience-our moods, productivity, creativity, relationships to ourselves and others-even our physical and mental heath.

We all know the magical feeling of stepping into a clean, interesting, functional space, where our minds can relax and our imaginations can take off. Or slipping into a beautiful outfit that flatters our bodies and expresses something special about our personalities, that says more than we could with words.

In the virtual plane, where we all now spend an increasing amount of time, smart design allows us to interact with ease and efficiency, so we can use technology rather than technology using us. Then we ultimately connect in new, unexpected, and most importantly-meaningful-ways.

My deep belief in the power of design, along with 14+ years in design related business, has allowed me a broad range of experiences in interior design, fashion design, project management, manufacturing, business ownership, and finance.  

For 10 years I designed + owned my own namesake clothing line, manufactured exclusively in NYC, and carried by luxury retailers nationwide.  Clients included Sarah Jessica Parker, Eva Longoria, and Danica Patrick. 

The line merged into a brick and mortar boutique called 'Darling', an NYC West Village beloved destination for 14 years, garnering consistent attention, including as Time Out New Yorks 'Best NYC Boutiques.'    Darling still serves it's loyal clientele online at www.darlingnyc.com.

I've also had extensive experience in project management and interior design in the luxury NYC real estate market.  Favorite projects included design and management of the  transformation of a 3,500 square foot empty loft into a stunning custom space, complete with fireplace, indoor screening room, rooftop pool and kitchen.  

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