The raquelle. collection was born on a breezy, sunny, summer morning.  One of those serendipitious encounters that epitomizes New York City at it’s magical best.  

Manhattan was deep in the 2008 summer heat when Raquelle strolled past an outdoor cafe in the West Village wearing a silky, flowing dress she had designed for fun the week before.  A woman sitting at an outdoor table called her over excitedly to inquire about the dress.  When Raquelle told her it was an original creation, the woman ordered three of them in different colors on the spot.

Needing the materials to fulfill her first-ever order, Raquelle headed to her most beloved fabric store in the fashion district.   As soon as she entered, she knew that she would be making more than just the three dresses.  Reams of silk needed to become flowing blouses, towering piles of cotton just had to be skirts, and heaps of fine Italian jersey demanded new life in dress form.  She left the store with enough fabric to create an entire collection-and that’s exactly what she did!

This first collection was the beginning of a thrilling journey.  Today, raquelle. enraptures passerby from windows and storefronts of boutiques across the country.  Truly a mix of her Colorado roots (Howdy, Dad!) and Parisian background, (Bonjour Maman) the raquelle. collection is easy-going, but flirtatious; lively, yet graceful.  The colors and prints are modern and feminine, but reference other times.  The 1960’s, dramatic, clean silhouettes are a favorite inspiration, and softly geometric echoes of Art Deco shapes can be found in the prints she hand draws. 

Raquelle has fused comfort with couture to create a line of high fashion that isn't afraid to have plenty of fun!  And the most important part of the dress, of course, is the woman wearing it.  Like that first magical dress she dreamed of years ago, each piece is the product of one woman’s love for the beauty in life and commitment to making pieces that aim at expressing a part of that beauty.